The 5 Most Famous Dishes of Gaziantep – Traditional Gaziantep Dishes

The 5 Most Famous Dishes of Gaziantep – Traditional Gaziantep Dishes

We often visit the cuisine of a different city. Our new address is Gaziantep. We thought that the warmth and sincerity of a city is not only by visiting and seeing that city and getting to know its people, we thought that we would see the city with all its nakedness when we are guests of its cuisine. For this reason, we have included Gaziantep on our list, where you cannot resist its endless flavors in food culture and its abundant cuisine. Let’s see the traditional Gaziantep dishes, which is under the protection of Unesco, closely, let’s know and protect its flavors, the values we have. Here is our list of Gaziantep’s 5 most famous dishes;

1. Simit Kebab

When it comes to Gaziantep, our list is naturally filled with various kinds of kebabs. As you know, Gaziantep is a kebab paradise. Simit kebab is one of the most famous kebabs of Gaziantep. It is a traditional dish made by kneading bulgur and minced meat well and then adding onion, Antep and pine nuts, including pistachios, the symbol of Gaziantep.

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2. Beyran Soup

You are meeting one of the most special flavors of Antep. Maybe you’ve had it before, maybe you’ve even heard of it for the first time. It is a flavor that expands your soup culture with its incredible taste and different aroma. The people of Antep consume this soup with broth, meat pieces, garlic, rice and plenty of internal fat to store energy at the beginning of the day.

3. Çağla Vaccine

Since it is not possible to find the çağla in every season, when you find it, if you are in Gaziantep, don’t miss it and try the çağla vaccine. You may never find this chance again. You can also see different Gaziantep dishes like this. As the name suggests, it’s made from the çağla, cooked with meat, seasoned with yogurt and served in front of you. Even if it seems strange to those who don’t know it or you are hesitant to eat it, you should definitely try it. See, you will want another plate.

4. Eggplant Kebab

The most famous dishes of Gaziantep cuisine are usually meat dishes. Due to the variety and abundance of kebabs, we also included eggplant kebab, one of the most popular kebabs, on our list. We have included Gaziantep’s 5 most famous dishes in our list, so give it a try.


5. Ali Nazik Kebab

On a plate with roasted eggplant, garlic yogurt, minced meat or beef cubes on top, and plenty of butter on top, it comes to your table with the attitude that I am the owner of these places. It is already a favorite of the people of Gaziantep, so if you are ever in Gaziantep, don’t leave without trying this flavor. This is how we made the jubilee of our list.

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