Patlıcan Kebab Recipe

Patlıcan Kebab Recipe

Patlıcan Kebab Recipe

Delicious Patlıcan Kebab, one of the most famous flavors of Gaziantep, is one of our distinguished flavors that have entered every home, even though it is famous in this city. But of course, there is a situation like this; this dish is a bit heavy and laborious to make, so it cannot be a recipe that is made so often Patlıcan Kebab recipe. But if you want it to be delicious when you make it occasionally, we have prepared an eggplant kebab recipe for you!



Delicious Eggplant Kebab Recipe

First of all, let’s take a look at our ingredients;

4 medium eggplants

300 grams of minced meat

3 medium-sized tomatoes

4 green peppers

Black pepper, salt

Half a glass of water

If our ingredients are ready, now let’s get to the preparation;

Cut the eggplants, which you have washed well, into 2 finger thick pieces without peeling the skins. Cut the tomatoes into four equal pieces. Slice the bell peppers as you wish, but not in very large pieces. Then knead the minced meat, black pepper and salt until they are identical. Prepare as many meatballs as the number of eggplant pieces from the kneaded minced meat mixture. Arrange them on the tray alternately, one eggplant and one meatball. Continue this process by centering the tray until the eggplant and meatballs are finished.


How many calories?

Finally, add half a glass of water to the tray and leave it to cook in the oven set to 200 degrees. Carefully observe the eggplant and meatballs, follow them, when they reach the consistency of light cooking, remove the tray and add the tomatoes and peppers to the tray and leave it to cook again. This time, when they are all cooked, your Eggplant Kebab is ready. Serve your wonderful kebab with a nice cold ayran and serve it to your household. Enjoy it all together! Bon Appetit!

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