Afyon’s 5 Most Famous Dishes | What to Eat in Afyon?

Afyon’s 5 Most Famous Dishes | What to Eat in Afyon?

We are in a unique city where we admire its wonderful sausage, unique cream and delicious Turkish delight. Yes, we are talking about Afyon. But what to eat in Afyon? Afyon, which fascinates us with its cuisine, will make those who have read and never heard of it here curious, expatriates will burn with longing, and gourmets will bring it to your feet. We have prepared an article about the 5 most famous dishes of Afyon so that if you ever want to travel to taste the table culture of Afyon, Afyon should be in the back of your mind. Here is our list of the 5 most famous dishes of Afyon:

What to Eat in Afyon?

1. Çullama Meatball

This flavor manifested itself as a wedding dish in Afyon. They said it is a must for weddings. It contains minced meat, fine bulgur and eggs. We learned that it is laborious to make, but no matter how laborious it is, çullama definitely takes its place in wedding dinners.

Çullama Köfte

2. Ilibada Sarma

We saw, heard and ate ilibada leaves for the first time. The taste is really incredible. Sarma is already a delicacy in itself, a must in Turkish cuisine, but ilibada is also a wonderful taste. It is also known as efelek or evelik herb. If we say it like this, maybe some of you will recognize it. If you find a sarma wrapped with carefully selected ilibada leaves, dig in immediately.

Afyon Sucuğu

3. Zürbiye

It is one of the first answers that come to mind when you ask what to eat in Afyon, ask this question and get this answer. It is a dish full of onions. It is a beautiful dish in which shallots are used in abundance, without hesitation, without hesitation. It has plenty of beef with plenty of onions. There are many people who call it onion dish, but in Afyon it is generally known as zürbiye. We recognized it as zürbiye, ate it as zürbiye and liked it very much.


4. Afyon Keshkek

Every region has its own unique keşkek. Each one is made with different methods and all of them are delicious. Keşkek, which is cooked with chicken or meat in most places, is cooked plain in Afyon. Keşkek is also a wedding food in Afyon. We think that keşkek is also a wedding dish in many other regions. When it is laborious and so delicious, it becomes a dish worthy of wedding tables.

Afyon Keşkeği

5. Afyon Sucuk

We have mentioned all the dishes, but not without mentioning the sausage. It may not be one of the first addresses you think of when you think of sausage in Turkey, but Afyon is actually one of the cities where sausage is given the most importance. It is so important that there is even a chandelier made of 264 sausage coils in one of the facilities. It is as if they are saying that we are the motherland of sausage. If you are on your way, you should definitely take it home for breakfast.

Afyon Sucuğu

We will meet you all together in the next city with the magnificent taste of the next city. Stay delicious.

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