The 5 Most Famous Dishes of Giresun

The 5 Most Famous Dishes of Giresun

In this article, we are in Giresun, another one of the rare cities of the Black Sea Region. If you ask if you will visit the kitchens of 81 provinces like this, yes, we will. We will enter the kitchens of all cities, big and small, and taste their most famous dishes. We will learn their local dishes and taste them because we love to eat. If we come to the question of what to eat in Giresun, since it is a city in the Black Sea Region, although Giresun local dishes are similar to other Black Sea cities, we have compiled 5 dishes that you can only eat in Giresun for you. You will also have information about Giresun dishes with this article. Let’s find out what are the 5 most famous dishes of Giresun.

1- Fasulye Diblesi (Bean)

Rice pilaf you know, green bean dish you know, but a dish you don’t know is bean diblesi. Here you combine these two beautiful dishes and you get bean diblesi, which is on the list of Giresun’s 5 most famous dishes. Although it does not sound like a different flavor to your ear, this dish is among the famous things of Giresun.

Fasulye Diblesi

2- Sakarca Mücveri

Sakarca is a herbaceous plant that grows around Ordu-Giresun. This fresh garlic-like plant is a plant that grows spontaneously in the soil, so it cannot be grown commercially and is only known in this region. The people of Giresun also use this plant a lot in their meals. Sakarca hash browns are not exactly like the hash browns we know. It is made by adding eggs to boiled sakarca herbs and frying them in a hot pan. Since the people of Giresun are addicted to this flavor, Sakarca has naturally taken its place among the most famous dishes of Giresun.

Sakarca Mücveri

What should we visit in Giresun?

3- Pezik Mıhlama

One of the basic answers to the question of what to eat in Giresunda. Giresunlu people call it pezik, many of them know it as pazı, maybe there are even those among you who do not know both. This is also a kind of grass. But what we call mihlama is not the mihlama you know. It is a dish made by adding boiled pezik to the roasted onions and then adding eggs with spices. Although its appearance is reminiscent of spinach with eggs, its flavor is quite different and beautiful. This flavor is also high on the Giresun food order list.

Pezik Mıhlaması

4- Yağlaş

If you are not from Giresunlu, we don’t think you know, have tried or heard of this at all. But it is one of the dishes you will hear when you say what Giresun is famous for. It is a very different flavor, usually found on breakfast tables, it is a flavor made by roasting corn flour in butter, then cooking it with salt water and pouring hot oil on it. If you happen to be in the area, give it a try and let us know if it’s good or not, we couldn’t decide.


5- Isırgan Yemeği (Nettle Dish)

Nowadays, we can’t even see nettles, but Giresunlu people cook them. It has a very interesting production and appearance. Again one of the main flavors. The cleaned and boiled nettles are usually crushed through a sieve by Giresunlu people, but nowadays blenders or robots are also used. The crushed nettles are cooked in a pan, salt is added and then flour is added. A dish with the consistency of custard is obtained. Garlic roasted in oil is added on top and the dish is crowned. Although its appearance does not attract people very much, its flavor is quite good.


Giresun dishes Of course, there are more Giresun’s famous flavors that you know that are missing from Giresun. We want help from you in this regard, you can send us comments in the comments section. Let’s learn new Giresun flavors.


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