The 5 Most Famous Dishes of Adana (What to Eat in Adana?)

The 5 Most Famous Dishes of Adana (What to Eat in Adana?)

Unfortunately, we cannot know the famous dishes of every province in Turkey, and we are quite surprised when we hear about many of them. But there are certain cities where we all have an idea about their cuisine. I guess Adana is one of those cities. Although we don’t think this list will surprise you much, we know that it will whet your appetite and make you crave for more. So, without keeping you and your stomach excited when you read the title, let’s move on to our list of Adana’s 5 most famous dishes and see what to eat in Adana.

1- Adana Kebab

So, we are making a list of 5 famous dishes from Adana cuisine, we would be ashamed of Adana cuisine if Adana kebab was not at the top of the list. The only flavor that makes Adana Adana Adana and causes its cuisine to be legendary.

Adana Kebap
2- Kirkkat

You may have heard of sirdan, a flavor that became famous all over Turkey in an instant. Kırkkat is just as delicious and different. Kırkkat, which comes from the Şırdan family, got its name from being wrapped in forty layers. We don’t know if it is still made with the same delicacy today, but it is as famous as şırdan in Adana.

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3- Fellah Köftesi (Meatball)

One of the incredible flavors unique to Adana, made of fine bulgur. You must have heard of fellah meatballs, maybe even tasted or made them. If you have eaten it, you know what we mean. The thin bulgur combined with spices, tomato sauce and garlic could only be so good.

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4- Kaz Başı (Goose Head Dish)

Adana equals meat, we all know that. Another dish of Adana, famous for its meat and meat dishes, is goose head. Prepared from the thick meat of lamb, goose head leaves behind many meats you have eaten. Especially the barbecued goose head is legendary, don’t pass by without trying it.

Kaz Başı Yemeği

5- Adana Lahmacun

We said that it is famous for its meat, we said that meat dishes are eaten, of course, there is a lahmacun unique to Adana and it must be eaten. We are sure you will not regret it. If you are a meat lover, Adana cuisine is just for you. You can easily find every form and every kind of meat and consume it at any meal you want.

We are sure that you do not know some of these wonderful dishes of Adana. That’s why we wanted to equip you with this beautiful information. Now you have the answer to the question of what to eat in Adana on your next visit to Adana. Then bon appetit in advance!

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