Menemen Recipe

Menemen Recipe

Menemen is one of the most practical and hearty flavors of Turkish cuisine. It is the only dish that can decorate our tables at every meal. Due to its practicality, it is the crown jewel of single or student houses, as well as working housewives. You make it for breakfast in the morning, you get hungry at noon and eat it, you are tired in the evening and you want to get full quickly, you make menemenemen again and it saves your life.  We thought that we should consider such a versatile flavor in every aspect and we researched how to make real menemen. Everyone has their own unique menemen recipe that suits their taste buds. Although different flavors such as sausage, mushrooms, etc. can be added optionally, we will only make a real menemen.

One of the general discussions about the menemen recipe is whether or not to add onion to the menemen. This is of course a subject that can vary according to taste. But in our opinion, it is better not to have onions in real menemen, so we will give you a recipe consisting of plain, tomatoes, peppers and eggs. Let’s see how real menemen is made!

How Many Calories?

Ingredients for Menemen Recipe:

2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

3 normal-sized green peppers

3 tomatoes

3 eggs


You can increase or decrease the quantities according to the number of people.

Menemen Preparation:

First of all, let’s prepare the ingredients. Pointed peppers and tomatoes are finely chopped into cubes. In real menemen, we chop the ingredients finely because we believe that chopping the ingredients finely makes the bread dipping stage more delicious. Add the vegetable oil to the slightly heated pan, then add the green peppers and roast them. When the peppers soften and brown, add the finely chopped tomatoes on them. Finely chopping the tomatoes ensures that the juice mixes well with the menemeni and adds flavor to its flavor. Roast for another 10 minutes with the tomatoes. Meanwhile, we beat the eggs in another bowl. While beating, add the salt of the menemen to the eggs. Finally, add the beaten eggs to the identical peppers and tomatoes. After mixing the eggs with the peppers and tomatoes so that the peppers and tomatoes are identical, we leave it to cook over low heat for about 10 minutes. We serve it with warm, fresh loaf bread and feta cheese.

After this recipe, we know you can smell the aroma, let’s run to the kitchen. Bon appetit.

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