Ispanaklı Börek Recipe (Spinach Pastry)

Ispanaklı Börek Recipe (Spinach Pastry)

I think the best thing that can be made with spinach, which we start to see on the stalls when winter comes, is ıspanaklı börek. It is the harbinger of winter, perhaps for many enthusiasts. We know that not everyone likes spinach. But I think it is quite delicious as a pastry, I think there is no one who will say no to spinach pie. You will be using a spinach pastry recipe with plenty of grounded meat. So you can make your stomach happy. Undoubtedly the most laborious part of every recipe to be made with spinach is washing the spinach. Because a lot of mud in fresh spinach is one of the things we often see. Although it is troublesome, we say it is worth it for spinach pastry and we leave a spinach pie recipe here.

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Ispanaklı Börek Recipe


1 kilo of spinach

250 g minced meat

1 dry onion

Vegetable oil

Salt, black pepper

3 pieces of phyllo dough

2 tablespoons butter or margarine

Half a glass of water

For Topping

1 egg yolk

Preparation of Spinach Pastry:

First of all, while the spinach, which we wash and clean, is drying on one side, put the vegetable oil in the pot. Fry the diced onions until they turn pink. Then add 250 g minced meat and fry. Finally, add the spinach that you chopped again and leave it to cook by closing the lid of the pot without adding any water. Add salt and black pepper to the cooked spinach and mix for the last time. Roll out the phyllo dough on a wide bench. Melt the butter in a small pot and add half a glass of water to the melted butter. Spread this butter and water mixture on the phyllo with the help of a brush and divide the phyllo into eight triangular pieces. Take one piece of the phyllo that you have divided into equal parts and start wrapping it from the wide part as if you were making a cigarette roll. When you reach the narrow end, connect the two ends of the wrapped part in a round shape and wrap the remaining narrow end into the round part from the point of connection.

With this method, you will have a bowl-shaped phyllo. Put the spinach mixture in the center. Do this until you run out of dough and phyllo pastry. Place the pastries on your tray where you spread greaseproof paper. And spread the egg yolk around the pastries. Bake in a 200 degree oven for 20-25 minutes. Your pastry is ready to serve. If you want, you can serve it with bechamel sauce or garlic yogurt. It will be both an appetizer for dinner and a nice treat for your guests. Enjoy your meal.

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